Renal Links

by Steven Noble

Recommended Renal Links

The following links are placed here for the benefit of renal patients on Vancouver Island. If you have any suggested links please e-mail us indicating why you think the link is appropriate. Commercial and unrelated sites will not be considered.

Please Note: If you find a dead link or it goes to a wrong webpage, please email Webmaster

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General Information Links

Home Dialysis Central – A Site For Patients By Patients

Dialysis From Wikipedia     

Kidney School    

Medtext  – from HDCN (Hypertension, Dialysis & Clinical Nephrology)

The Medical Education Institute   

The Dialysis Diary  The life and times of a home-based, nocturnal, hemodialysis patient. A blog by a patient, for patients.

Living with Kidney Failure – three-part movie from McGill University

Baxter Renal Info –  U.S. site (there isn’t a Canadian one) supported through an educational grant from Baxter Healthcare Ltd, a company that supplies dialysis equipment and services to kidney patients worldwide.

Kidney Buzz non-corporate site with a lot of links to articles and news. Does not try to be a complete information source; the sites above do that.


USDA National Nutrient Database

Eating Well on Dialysis COOK BOOK

Spice It Up!  kidney-friendly recipes

Kidney Buzz Daily Meal


Canada Pension Disability information and Form

Pensions BC

Revenue Canada’s T2201 form for your doctor to fill out.
A related page  contains the information you need to include all the expensed you are entitled to by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Take special note of the mileage allowance and meal allowance. If you use a bus pass to get to dialysis, that is a deductible expense now, and also expenses incurred using Handi-Dart.
More Info on the T2201 form >>HERE 
— CRA on Travel Expenses for Medical Expense

Dialysis While Traveling

Dialysis units exist in thousands of places around the world. The following links will help you locate a dialysis unit in places of your choice, and provide some information for planning your trip.

Planning your travel

Disease brochures “Thinking of Travelling?” and “Planning Your Trip”  – from Vancouver Coastal Health with the BC Provincial Renal Agency, in the Patient Tips for Living with Kidney Disease series.

American Association of Kidney Patients on planning for travel

Travelling in Western Europe with dialysis

Dialysis centres in Europe  (links to an overview page for planning).

Dialysis At Sea talks about going on cruises.

Finding dialysis units

In Canada

Search the CIHI site for “Dialysis units xxx” where xxx is the name of a province.

In the U.S.A.

Worldwide units

  • Global Dialysis Besides links to dialysis centres this site includes a searchable database of regional units worldwide;  details of kidney patient associations and national kidney charities around the world; accommodation, travel agents, tours and cruises and travel insurance companies that cater for dialysis patients world-wide; and many other useful links.  You may have to register to see everything.
  • The Wiley journal Dialysis and Transplantation offers an exclusive guide to dialysis centers worldwide that accept visiting patients.
  • EURODIAL – based in France, publishes a directory of units around the world in booklet format , and on the Web; also have a travel agency that  can help with recommending accommodation, arranging insurance, and booking holidays.

Other travel-related sites

Canada Revenue Agency on Travel Expenses for Medical Expense

Organ Donation and Transplantation

Kidney Foundation of Canada:   main site       BC branch       discussion forums:  donors     recipients

TransWeb is one of the oldest transplantation sites and includes excellent information and links.

BC Transplant Society
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