Dee Sangha Awards

by Steven Noble


Outstanding Achievement AWARD
Presented To
Mrs. Dee Sangha
In recognition of over 15 years of dedication and support of renal patients and The Vancouver Island Kidney Patients’ Association, raising over $300,000.00.
Her contributions have touched many lives in the Renal Community on Vancouver Island.
Presented by The Vancouver Island Kidney
Patients’ Association November 2008

[At that time we wrote:] The first annual Dee Sangha Award will be awarded in 2009. It was seeded by Dee Sangha’s generous contributions raised through her 15 annual golf tournaments from 1994 through 2008. Each year, Dee and her husband Jake Sangha hosted a golf tournament and dinner to raise money for the Vancouver Island Kidney Patients’ Association. What began as a small celebration with family and friends grew into a major event that raised more than $300,000 for our organization.

It all began after March 19, 1993, when Dee received a kidney transplant from her daughter Maya. A year later, Dee and Jake hosted the first of the 15 golf tournaments at Cordova Bay Golf Club for family and friends. The success of this first event made them think that an annual event would be a wonderful opportunity to raise money for a worthwhile cause. They decided to hold the tournament on the August long weekend to coincide with Dee’s birthday on August 1, and to donate all money raised to the Vancouver Island Kidney Patients’ Association (VIKPA) in recognition of the gift of life Dee had received from their daughter.

Because it was a birthday celebration for Dee, the tournament began as an invitation-only event. Each year the 18 holes of golf were followed by a scrumptious buffet dinner at Dee and Jake’s nearby Broadmead home. The dinner was prepared and served by Dee and her family. The first tournament raised $400 for VIKPA. In 1997, they were able to raise $1000. In 1998, they raised $2000. In 1999, about 100 people attended and the donation was up to $3000. Dee made sure everyone understood the purpose of the tournament, personally handing out organ donor registration cards to all participants.

In 2000, Dee decided to kick the event into high gear. By this time the tournament was no longer strictly invitational, although the majority of the attendees were still friends and family members. That year Dee’s efforts brought in an amazing $10,000. Each year Dee continued to come up with new ways to raise money: a 50/50 draw, a raffle, a putting contest. In 2001, the tournament raised $15,000.

Having outgrown Dee and Jake’s home, in 2002 the tournament moved to a new venue, the popular Cedar Hill Golf Course. The dinner was held in the newly built clubhouse overlooking the City of Victoria. Many of the 104 golfers were later joined by friends or spouses, bringing the number attending the dinner to approximately 120. That year’s efforts raised a phenomenal $20,000.

That year, VIKPA recognized Dee’s efforts with a crystal vase and a plaque to thank her for her support. Dee in turn thanked her family and friends for their help in putting the event together each year. She also recognized the tremendous and ongoing support she had received from Thrifty Foods and the Island Equipment Owners Association.

Never one to rest on her laurels, in 2003 Dee celebrated her sixty-fifth birthday and the tournament’s tenth anniversary by upping the total again, to $25,000, bringing the total amount raised for renal patients on Vancouver Island to more than $75,000.

Dee Sangha was nominated for the Woman of Distinction Award in 2005 by the Vancouver Island Kidney Patients’ Association for her hard work and dedication to helping Island kidney patients. Organizing the golf tournament was not just a summer activity. Dee worked all year, gathering prizes, soliciting donations, etc., to make her annual tournament a huge success each year. Dee’s efforts continued throughout the15 years of the tournament and annual proceeds ballooned each year.

VIKPA honoured Dee once again for her years of hard work with an Outstanding Achievement Award presented to her at an honorary dinner on November 13, 2008, for touching the lives of so many in our renal community with her contributions.

Because Dee is no longer able to hold her annual fundraising golf tournaments due to health issues, VIKPA has resolved to initiate the Dee Sangha Award in her honour. The award of $1000 will be presented annually to a VIKPA member and Island kidney patient with the same “can do” spirit that Dee always shown. The award is meant to encourage volunteers in their activities.
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Purpose of Award

To reward a Vancouver Island kidney Patient and member of VIKPA with the same “CAN DO” attitude that Dee Sangha exudes. This award is to assist a renal patient in improving their life or the lives of renal patients while facing the everyday challenges of living with kidney disease.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The applicant must be a kidney patient and a VIKPA member in good standing.
  2. The patient must be a permanent resident of Vancouver Island.
  3. The patient may be self-nominated or nominated by someone else. The form must include the patient’s information as well as that of the nominator where applicable.
  4. The applicant must use the official application form available online from or from a renal social worker.
  5. Completed applications must be received by VIKPA on or before June 30. LATE OR INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Amount of Award
A maximum of $1000 will be awarded to one person per year.

If you have any questions, please contact VIKPA at 250-595-3650. Ask to speak with a member of the Awards Committee.

Or email us at