Past Events

by Steven Noble

How are Our Projects Funded?

VIKPA provides a large number of services and comforts to renal patients and the hospital units throughout Vancouver Island Of course, all of these require funding. There have been several sources of income which have benefited VIKPA and the patients in the past. They include:

• Annual memberships
• Charitable donations and bequests.

On going use of our smile card through Thrifty Foods
• Fund raising events, such as golf tournaments bake sales, raffles, dances, spaghetti dinners, casinos, silent auctions etc.
• Special Fund Raising Events

THANK YOU to all you have helped raise funds over the years, on behalf of the Vancouver Island Kidney Patients Association (VIKPA)
Again, we THANK YOU for your support and hope that we can count on your support in the future. Your contribution will touch many lives.

100% of the money raised goes to the support of the over 2400 kidney patients and their families throughout Vancouver Island. These funds provide many items, such as comfort items, services and special equipment required by kidney patients. These items are otherwise not funded by hospitals and treatment centers yet are vital to the patients’ well-being.

We are holding annual silent auctions to promote the awareness of Kidney Disease to the public. Kidney disease is a disease that affects many individuals and their families. An average of 15 Canadians are newly diagnosed with Kidney disease each week, often due to diabetes and hypertension.

 Dee and Jake Sangha Annual Golf Tournament for VIKPA     more info
Dee Sangha celebrated her 65th birthday by raising over $25,000 at the 10th annual Invitational Golf Tournament for VIKPA.

Each year the amount raised went up and all funds were donated directly to VIKPA for the patients. Over the past ten years over $75,000 was raised through the golf tournaments. This marvelous event was put together by Dee Sangha with her family and friends to help celebrate Dee’s birthday and the gift of a kidney she received from her daughter in 1993. It was truly a gift from the heart that Dee and her family put together each and every year.

Dee Sangha passed away in 2013, and the tournament is on hold for now.

Silent auctions held in MARCH to promote awareness of Kidney Disease

2013   March 6th……raised more than $11,500
We are proud to announce that in March 2013 we raised more than $11,500. VIKPA’s long term goal is to provide Transonic monitors to each dialysis unit, and the monies from the silent auction will go towards this goal. We would like to thank the Victoria and Vancouver Island community and beyond for its overwhelming donations for the silent auction. We especially thank our Platinum donors: Hostelling International, Victoria; Hastings House Country House Hotel, Salt Spring Island; and VIA Rail. We also offer special thanks to Janic and Tyler Rai, VIHA, Bill Kane, Janice Jenkins and RJH staff for their support which helped make this event enjoyable for all those who attended. Please offer your support when you can to the generous donors who supported VIKPA.

Full list of our donors

2012   March 9th……raised $8,700 

Silent auction    2011 March 25th…raised  $7,200 


Cumberland patient thanks VIKPA with fundraiser On July 17th, 2010 the Vancouver Island Kidney Patients’ Association benefited from the hard work of the Cumberland community.

A fundraising Dinner/Dance was held at the Filberg Centre with proceeds benefiting kidney patients on Vancouver Island. Annabelle Gainer, a renal patient for six years received a renal transplant in 2008, wanted to do this fundraiser as a show of appreciation to VIKPA and her way of giving back to the community.

The community of Cumberland really got behind this fundraiser, and the wide range of people involved shows how far-reaching kidney disease is in our community. The dinner/dance was a huge success, raising almost $7,000.


These funds will provide the televisions and waiting room furniture in the new Cumberland Community Clinic expansion.
A BIG Thank You to Annabelle Gainer.



Dee and Jake Sangha Annual Golf Tournament held for VIKPA and raised over $300,000.00

with Silent Auction, Raffle & Door Prizes was on March 29th 2008
big thank you to Danielle Belanger

$1,150 ROBBIE BURNS Dinner/Dance with silent auction in Nanaimo on January 19, 2008. It was organized by Mary and John Barr, George and Venous Preston, Laura Walldy and many other volunteers. Thank you everyone.


Dee and Jake Sangha Annual Golf Tournament 



Dee and Jake Sangha Annual Golf Tournament



Thrifty Smile Card program started and ongoing to present 2012

Dee and Jake Sangha Annual Golf Tournament

Dee and Jake Sangha Annual Golf Tournament

Garage Sale:
June 12, 2004 Saturday ………….. Funds from this event go directly to support the bursary fund.

A giant thank you goes out to Betty Yon and renal patients Raymond James and Irwin “Spud” Morelli for organizing the very successful Italian Dinner held at the Cavalotti Hall in Nanaimo on June 6, which raised $3300 for VIKPA, well over the goal of $2000. Approximately 235 people attended the sold out dinner.


Darlene and Bruce Crowe | Pig Roast

Last year saw this event take place for the first time, and a tremendous success it was. On Saturday August 9, 2003 about 40 people met at the Timberland Pub in Cassidy, to spend a few hours of friendship and to raise omoney for VIKPA. Darlene, who is a hemodialysis patient with cancer, was unable to attend as she was in hospital. However, her hard work organizing, along with her husband Bruce had set a goal to raise $700 which they certainly surpassed.
A Special Thanks go to Don Yewchin, owner of Timberland Pub and his partner Laurie Melnyk, not only supplied the venue for the event, but both then went beyond the call of duty by allowing their heads to be shaved to raise additional funds. As a result of everyone’s efforts, including several shaved heads, the event raised $4,300 for VIKPA.

Dee and Jake Sangha Annual Golf Tournament


VIKPA would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who have assisted in putting all the events together, who have given so generously of their time, money and support, to help raise the funds which go to helping all of the patients throughout Vancouver Island.